Winner of the 2016 Patient Safety Movement Innovation Awards


Winner of the TechConnect 2017 National Innovation Award



Systematic Expert Risk Assessment for Suicide (SERAS™) provides rapid, low cost, high-quality risk assessment for suicide.

SERAS™ is the only tested and validated instrument of its kind in the market. The benefits include:

  • Ease of utilization and scalability

SERAS™ can be fully integrated with electronic databases with high end-user satisfaction. There is little training required, removing the need for interpretation of results by the non-psychiatrist.

  • Rapid and accurate assessment

SERAS™ requires less than 1 minute to complete, yet still provides 98% accuracy compared to the gold standard of evaluation by a psychiatrist.

  • Low cost

SERAS™ demonstrates a cost advantage based on self-administration and non-reliance on psychiatric expertise at triage.

  • Innovative

SERAS™ is an expert system based on a neural network algorithm that can improve its predictive accuracy as the amount of data increases.