Our Approach

Our expertise in psychiatry, medical outcomes, consensus building, and statistical analysis allows us to work closely with clients to model and assess risky complex human behaviors (e.g., suicide, addiction, abuse, fraud). Using our proprietary Expert System Methodology coupled with the latest advances in Neural Network Analyses, our approach to better assess risk is comprised of 7 critical steps:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive literature review to identify salient risk factors
  2. Manage a consensus panel of experts
  3. Build an initial expert-based risk assessment model
  4. Develop an easy-to-use application for testing and integration of the risk model into current clinical processes and electronic medical record systems
  5. Design a field test and clinical trial to calibrate and validate the risk model
  6. Use a neural network statistical approach to finalize the risk model
  7. Deliver and implement validated product.


Development Pipeline

Applications in the current pipeline include:


Assessing suicidal risk in VA populations and active troops before and after deployment

  • SERAS Addiction

Assessing suicide risk in populations with substance use disorders.


Assessing suicide risk in children, adolescents, and young adults.


Assessing suicide risk to aid in treatment and discharge planning for patients admitted to psychiatric services


Assessing risk of suicide using Big Data techniques and machine learning analysis of social media data


WISER Consultation

Our expert team provides answers to problems that seem unsolvable. The WISER approach to predicting human behavior involves:

  • Premier consultation

Experts from psychiatry, human development, business applications, and expert systems will meet with you and your team to understand your needs and timelines.

  • Evidenced-based model

Built using the latest literature and expert consensus.

  • Custom-built solutions

Systems are designed to meet your specifications, to fit your budget, and to be tested in your environment.

  • Innovative

An expert systems are built to address “difficult to measure” behaviors.

  • Continued support

WISER models learn and improve with use; a team of experts will provide
continuing support.